PODCAST – Episode 12

Welcome back to another episode of More Than Puppets. What processes do you have for reporting and dealing with child abuse in your children’s ministry? In this podcast, we talk about having the “what if” discussions and the processes needed as a required mandated reporter. We also take some time to answer a few of your email questions. Do you have a “what was I thinking” dumb thing that you have done or said? Come on, we all do! If so, please email us at steve@morethanpuppets.com. We would … [Read more...]

I Wish I Hadn’t Said That

You probably have never done this, but there have been a few occasions where “I wish I hadn’t said that.” It always seems to happen the same way. Here’s the scenario. I’m exhausted from being up late the night before the event or service. The next morning I receive a phone call from the volunteer who I was counting on to either bring a crucial component or be a part of the presentation. Guess what, something came up and they can’t be there. Well that's just GREAT! I rush into the church … [Read more...]

PODCAST 4 – Ways to Engage with the Kids in Your Ministry

Hi Guys, Today we are chatting about “Ways to Engage with the Kids in Your Ministry” and “How We Manage Wearing so Many Different Hats.” These topics are something we deal with on a daily and weekly basis in ministry and I am sure you do too. If you have any ideas, input or strategies on either one of these topics, please send them to me at steve@morethanpuppets.com. We’d love to hear about them and share them with others. … [Read more...]

That’s Useless

Here is the scene. You have spent hours preparing the lesson for Sunday. The music, the object lesson, the game and the lesson all flow together with unparalleled harmony. If ever a children’s service would change the lives of the kids in your church, this is it. Even the hyper kid in the back row (the Pastor’s son) would recognize and appreciate the masterful planning and execution of this service. And then it happens, your Sr. Pastor for the first time in five years preaches a short message … [Read more...]

Making Learning Fun!

How can we make learning fun? How can we help children understand concepts on their own? These questions have floated around in my mind for many years. My goal has been to help children learn Biblical concepts in an educational and fun way! The reason I feel so passionate about this subject is because I believe that the message of salvation is the most important concept people will ever hear. How can we as ministers help children truly understand this concept? One day I happened upon … [Read more...]

An Easter Prayer

Well, it's time. It's time to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.  That means the crowd will be a little bigger, the excitement level will be a little higher and the opportunity to share one of the greatest events in the history of mankind will be right in front of us. It's going to be a great weekend! Today you will probably be running around picking up supplies, preparing your rooms, making a few more calls or maybe rehearsing that song one more time. Whatever you are doing today to … [Read more...]

GUEST POST – Expanding the Kingdom with a Ball, Balloons and a Bullhorn

Doing church today we have developed intricate programs and processes all neatly packaged and finely tuned, each geared towards a common theme of reaching out and going deeper. I love it. It is a beautiful thing to see many well-oiled parts moving in a rhythmic motion to accomplish the goal. However, I was reminded this last weekend that amidst the complexities of doing church how truly simple it can be to expand God’s kingdom through the local church. Sometimes all you need is a ball, balloons … [Read more...]

Strategies for Easter—Part 4

Here we go with more thoughts on Easter. As you read these thoughts, keep in mind these are just my thoughts. They are not based on scripture and they are totally debatable. I just want to share with you some ideas that have been forged in the fire of experience. So here we go with thought number 4.   Your Weekend Service at Easter Should, In Some Way, Reflect a Typical Weekend Service The big idea here is not to make your services or weekend experience SO special and different … [Read more...]

Strategies for Easter—Part 3

More Easter thoughts with part 3 of “A Strategy for Easter.” Don’t Try To Do Everything On One Day The reality is this…you only have so much energy to work with. You have to be smart about how you spend that energy. It is possible to “over plan” your services. Yes, we should have really cool activities going on for our kids, and yes, it should be special. But if you and your volunteers are stressed over the five object lessons, two egg hunts, a dunking booth, dramatic presentation and a … [Read more...]

A Strategy for Easter—Part 2

Today we’ll continue exploring Easter in part 2 of “A Strategy for Easter.”  My second thought is: Focus on the “Experience” The focal point of the Easter service has to be the message of Christ’s sacrifice and His ascension. But for the guests walking onto your church property, they are noticing the little things. Like the church grounds, the bathrooms, the smell of the hallways and the ratty plastic plant in the corner that has not been dusted since the release of Michael Jackson’s … [Read more...]