Parenting Seminar #6 – Technology

In our final Parenting Seminar, Scott Burnett from Integrity Computer Concepts brings his passion and expertise in protecting children in a technological world. This session is action-packed with tons of practical, hands-on tools. Scott opens our eyes to the protection pathways and applications to keep our kids safer in their use of technology. Our hope and prayer is that every bit of information brings you and your children a step closer to using technology wisely. … [Read more...]

Making Learning Fun!

How can we make learning fun? How can we help children understand concepts on their own? These questions have floated around in my mind for many years. My goal has been to help children learn Biblical concepts in an educational and fun way! The reason I feel so passionate about this subject is because I believe that the message of salvation is the most important concept people will ever hear. How can we as ministers help children truly understand this concept? One day I happened upon … [Read more...]

Global Giants Explained

This is a short video we are using at our Kids Small Groups’ Mission Fair this week to explain the PEACE Plan's Global Giants. Check it out. … [Read more...]

Simply Youth Podcast

I had the privilege of being invited to participate in a Simply Youth Ministry podcast with Kurt Johnston and Jake Rutenbar.  Simply Youth Ministry has weekly podcasts that are geared towards those in youth ministry. In this podcast, we had a blast talking about the relationships we can have and the things that come up with children's and youth ministry. … [Read more...]

GUEST POST – Full Circle Ministry

As our pastor would say, my husband and I are “doing our part for church growth.”  With soon-to-be two little ones, we are blessed with what I call “Full Circle Ministry.”  Let me explain. My ministry has come full circle as far as life stages.  I hope in sharing a snapshot of my ministry testimony it is a source of encouragement as you are reminded of the value of what you do in children’s ministry. I began serving in children’s ministry as an over-involved high-schooler.  Goes to show you … [Read more...]

Why I Love Saddleback’s Student Ministries

I could talk about the extreme games, relevant services, great worship, etc., but those aren’t the reasons I love our student ministries at Saddleback Church. The reason I love those guys is they understand the concept of “Big Picture” ministry. Here’s what I mean. Some people might view success as an entity at the top of a ladder and anyone in the way is a mere step to tread on as they pursue the top. Nope, not these guys. They want Saddleback Kids to succeed for the sake and the development … [Read more...]