Resource Spotlight – “Minute To Win It”

Last week I talked about how we can utilize games in our children’s services to communicate truth, set atmosphere and tear down walls of resistance with the kids. This week, I want to spotlight a great resource for games. I’m sure many of you have already taken advantage of this great resource, but just in case here it is…“Minute to Win It.” It’s as if someone at NBC said, “Hey, lets help out the children’s ministry leaders by developing a great resource for their services.” Well, I seriously … [Read more...]

The Things We Do For Kids

If you work with kids on a regular basis, more than likely you have been stripped of all pride. Like an axe cutting down a tree one swing at a time, kids will cut your pride down to the ground…remember kids camp…enough said! We love kids so much and we so want them to understand the truth of God’s Word that we will do anything to help connect and communicate with the kids in our church and community. Now consider the above picture. Yes, the picture is scary and with the right sound effects … [Read more...]