PODCAST – Episode 15

We see a lot of kids from divorced families and it is a reality we all have to work with. Most of us do not have a lot of training in this area either. In this podcast, we talk about how to communicate and support the child whose parent has died or their parents are getting a divorce. Resources (Books We're Reading Right Now) The Two Sides of Love by Gary Smalley and John Trent Restoring Joy-Ordering Your Private World by Gordan McDonald Practicing Greatness by Reggie … [Read more...]


This weekend I visited our Irvine campus and saw something so simple but surprisingly effective. I was standing at the check in center and could hear a constant stream of voices. Our Irvine Children’s Director, Kecia, said “you should go check out what our 5th and 6th grade leader is doing.” So I walked around the corner and watched the action. Here is what I saw. As each pre-teen came into the room, our volunteer would greet them by name and then do something very interesting. She would … [Read more...]

How Many Kids Are in Your Ministry?

In the last MTP podcast, I mentioned one of the most common questions asked at conferences. I bet you have heard the question, “how many kids are in your ministry?” Now there is nothing wrong with the question itself, but I think there are some negative unintended consequences of consistently asking that question. Here are a few of those unintended consequences: We tend to place higher value and significance to larger ministries assuming they are more effective because they have more … [Read more...]

PODCAST – Episode 14

Children’s Ministry is more than just kids! It is about the parents, our volunteers and the kids. To have an effective ministry, there should be a balance between them all. Are you attending a children’s ministry conference in 2013? If not, check out CPC in Orlando, FL and San Diego, CA. Please try to find me at either the Orlando or San Diego conferences as I would like to say hi to you. At any conference you attend this year, when you are asked how many kids you have in your ministry, ask … [Read more...]

Watching Others Do What You Do

This past weekend, the Saddleback Kids team from our San Clemente campus came to the main campus in Lake Forest to observe and connect with other volunteers who do what they do. We gathered together after the service for dinner and some training with the team. It was very interesting. I had several people say this to me…“I’ve never thought about doing it like that before.” It is a simple fact, getting out of your regular ministry environment and watching someone else do what you do is … [Read more...]

This Kid is Getting on My Last Nerve

Yes as much as we love kids, most of us at some point or another have had this thought go through our head…“This kid is getting on my last nerve.” If not, I will be happy to nominate you for Children’s Leader of the year. But if you have had this thought, let me just say you are normal. I love kids and I have given my life to kid’s ministry, but there have been those moments where certain kids drove me nuts. You know the ones, you would never admit it, but remember the Sunday you were setting … [Read more...]

PODCAST – Episode 13

Do you have those days when things just don’t go the way you expected or your attitude starts to take a nose dive? Well kids have bad days too. Today we talk about how to deal with kids when they have bad attitudes or their behavior is difficult. We get them and I am sure you do too, those well-meaning and not always so positive emails from parents and volunteers. In this podcast episode, we go over how we respond to those always fun negative emails. Point Back: “Dealing with Bad … [Read more...]

“Raising Spiritually Healthy Kids” – Part 4

Here is the final thought in raising spiritually healthy kids. Approach Find the right Approach. Remember the first time you used one of those phrases your parents used that you swore you would NEVER use? Like “because I say so” or “just do what your told.” Yep, we’ve all done it. And it’s because of our patterns. Even if we did not like the approach our parents took with us, it’s still ingrained in our mental patterns. It seems a bit obvious to say we can’t use the same approach our … [Read more...]

You Can’t Be Thankful For That

Hi guys, there will be no More Than Puppet podcast today, but I do have a thought I want to share with you. It’s thanksgiving here in America and every young child across our country will have some type of craft project at school that involves the silhouette of a turkey on which they write what they are thankful for. I’m sure you have been challenged this week to consider those blessings in your life and give thanks to God for them. I would like to share what I am thankful for…I am … [Read more...]

“Raising Spiritually Healthy Kids” – Part 3

As we continue on the topic of raising spiritually healthy kids, let’s take a quick look at the previous key words: Aware Authentic And here is part 3: Be Available The time factor has generated more guilt in parents than just about anything I know of. We all know spending time with our kids is important, but it’s still difficult to do sometime. The bottom line is this…being available to your kids is less about “quantity” and more about “quality.” Here’s a couple of thoughts in … [Read more...]