An Easter Prayer

Well, it's time. It's time to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.  That means the crowd will be a little bigger, the excitement level will be a little higher and the opportunity to share one of the greatest events in the history of mankind will be right in front of us. It's going to be a great weekend! Today you will probably be running around picking up supplies, preparing your rooms, making a few more calls or maybe rehearsing that song one more time. Whatever you are doing today to … [Read more...]

Strategies for Easter—Part 3

More Easter thoughts with part 3 of “A Strategy for Easter.” Don’t Try To Do Everything On One Day The reality is this…you only have so much energy to work with. You have to be smart about how you spend that energy. It is possible to “over plan” your services. Yes, we should have really cool activities going on for our kids, and yes, it should be special. But if you and your volunteers are stressed over the five object lessons, two egg hunts, a dunking booth, dramatic presentation and a … [Read more...]

A Strategy for Easter—Part 2

Today we’ll continue exploring Easter in part 2 of “A Strategy for Easter.”  My second thought is: Focus on the “Experience” The focal point of the Easter service has to be the message of Christ’s sacrifice and His ascension. But for the guests walking onto your church property, they are noticing the little things. Like the church grounds, the bathrooms, the smell of the hallways and the ratty plastic plant in the corner that has not been dusted since the release of Michael Jackson’s … [Read more...]

A Strategy for Easter—Part 1

Easter is right around the corner. We’ll be celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord with our church family and the people from the community who only show up at Easter and Christmas. And you know they will be there. To them, they are “doing their religious thing” so they’ll show up and feel like saints because they actually went to church. Regardless of why they are there, the big deal is…they are there. We have a great opportunity to reach out to these people and show them the … [Read more...]