Parenting Seminar #6 – Technology

In our final Parenting Seminar, Scott Burnett from Integrity Computer Concepts brings his passion and expertise in protecting children in a technological world. This session is action-packed with tons of practical, hands-on tools. Scott opens our eyes to the protection pathways and applications to keep our kids safer in their use of technology. Our hope and prayer is that every bit of information brings you and your children a step closer to using technology wisely. … [Read more...]


Have you experienced feelings of inadequacies lately? Has anyone felt under resourced and over burdened? Have you lacked the mental, physical or spiritual energy to fulfill your responsibilities with excellence? Have you felt fatigued? Have you felt a depletion in your passion for ministry? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let me congratulate you on being normal and welcome you to spiritual leadership. You know, it is kind of like being a parent. You look forward to … [Read more...]

25 Lessons in 25 Years – Lesson 7: “It Is All Too Easy to Forget”

We recently returned from a PEACE trip (that’s Saddleback’s Missions Initiative) in Manila. We took a team of parents, staff and 6th graders. We were given total access to a public elementary school, which is something that is quite uncommon in that part of the Philippines. We focused our ministry efforts on 5th and 6th grade students by offering a VBS style event two times each day on their campus. It was one of the most impactful mission trips I have ever been a part of. I cannot wait to go … [Read more...]

I Have an Agenda

Many parents are intimidated by the fact that the Bible says parents are the primary people responsible for the discipleship of their kids. They think, “I’m not a pastor. I didn’t go to seminary. I’m just a mom or dad.” Well, I’ve decided to begin a grass roots campaign at my church that will generate some confidence for our parents in becoming the disciplining agent of their kids. It doesn't happen all at once. Think like this…Crawl – Walk – Run. What is a “crawl” step our parents can … [Read more...]

Podcast 3 – How to Intentionally Use Events that Draw Kids to Your Church

We have a special guest, Randy Isola from Chicago, IL, with us as we discuss how to intentionally use events to bring kids onto our campus. Think about how you plan an event. Do you strategically plan and approach an event in how it can lead to the next one? Are they a one-off event? Are they balanced in how they can move a child in their spiritual maturity? Are you going after the kid, but also highlighting the parent’s experience and gaining a new leader in the process? Today we talk about … [Read more...]

Global Giants Explained

This is a short video we are using at our Kids Small Groups’ Mission Fair this week to explain the PEACE Plan's Global Giants. Check it out. … [Read more...]

GUEST POST – Full Circle Ministry

As our pastor would say, my husband and I are “doing our part for church growth.”  With soon-to-be two little ones, we are blessed with what I call “Full Circle Ministry.”  Let me explain. My ministry has come full circle as far as life stages.  I hope in sharing a snapshot of my ministry testimony it is a source of encouragement as you are reminded of the value of what you do in children’s ministry. I began serving in children’s ministry as an over-involved high-schooler.  Goes to show you … [Read more...]

GUEST POST – Where We Lead

About three years ago, I had one of our pastors come and ask me if I would write a baptism class for kids.  My initial answer was “no,” but I didn’t know why I was saying that.  I knew baptism was an important part of a child’s faith, but if anything, that importance led me to say that it shouldn’t just be taught in a class!  Over the next several months I became very self-reflective of our ministry and began to ask myself the question, “why do we do what we do?” When I assessed the 5th grade … [Read more...]