PODCAST #20 – Navigate Change

We hope you are having a great week. We just came back from CPC in Orlando and we will chat about a few of the things we learned and experienced while we were at the conference. While there, I spoke with many people who had questions about change—“I want to change and how do I do it?” Navigating change in church and children’s ministry is huge. Many may ask why would you want to fix and change something that is not broken. We will give you some steps in facilitating change in your … [Read more...]

Did I Sign Up For This? – Part 1

Today we begin a new four part series called “Did I Sign Up For This?” Amy Kendall, Saddleback Kids Disabilities Ministry Coordinator, will give us a better understanding on how to work with those who simply need a little extra grace. Kids come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Some kids are just easy to love and some kids are what we call at Saddleback, EGR kids (Extra Grace Required). There is another category of kids that often gets looked at as behavioral kids. When you look at it a … [Read more...]

PODCAST – Episode 14

Children’s Ministry is more than just kids! It is about the parents, our volunteers and the kids. To have an effective ministry, there should be a balance between them all. Are you attending a children’s ministry conference in 2013? If not, check out CPC in Orlando, FL and San Diego, CA. Please try to find me at either the Orlando or San Diego conferences as I would like to say hi to you. At any conference you attend this year, when you are asked how many kids you have in your ministry, ask … [Read more...]