Podcast 3 – How to Intentionally Use Events that Draw Kids to Your Church

We have a special guest, Randy Isola from Chicago, IL, with us as we discuss how to intentionally use events to bring kids onto our campus. Think about how you plan an event. Do you strategically plan and approach an event in how it can lead to the next one? Are they a one-off event? Are they balanced in how they can move a child in their spiritual maturity? Are you going after the kid, but also highlighting the parent’s experience and gaining a new leader in the process? Today we talk about … [Read more...]

Put Your Phone Away

The scene I am about to describe is all too common. You are out to eat with a friend. You sit down and they pull out their phone and place it on the table. All through the conversation and the meal, what do they do? They constantly look at their phone and react to every ding, bell and song that indicates someone has sent them a life changing message that can alter the course of humanity therefore I must ignore the people around me to check in with the person on the phone because they are … [Read more...]

I wish I were creative

I read a story recently of an artist who worked for Hallmark Cards. He traveled to many schools as a guest speaker to talk about his work. He would introduce himself as an artist and then ask the students, “How many of you are artists?” In Kindergarten and first grade almost every hand went up immediately. In the second grade classroom, about three-quarters of the class would typically raise their hands. When he asked the third grade only a few would respond. By the time he asked the … [Read more...]