PODCAST 21 – How to Grow the Faith of Your Staff and Volunteers

In today’s podcast we discuss how we use our yearly ministry theme to help grow our staff and volunteers throughout the year. Your staff and volunteers will remember what you repeat. What are you repeating? Is it your vision, mission or something else? People will remember what is repeated. So start repeating yourself. Resources: How to Become a Christian Die Cuts and Machine Degerm Germ Fighter Spray and Refill 888.235.4569 McMaster-Carr … [Read more...]

Did I Sign Up For This? – Part 1

Today we begin a new four part series called “Did I Sign Up For This?” Amy Kendall, Saddleback Kids Disabilities Ministry Coordinator, will give us a better understanding on how to work with those who simply need a little extra grace. Kids come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Some kids are just easy to love and some kids are what we call at Saddleback, EGR kids (Extra Grace Required). There is another category of kids that often gets looked at as behavioral kids. When you look at it a … [Read more...]

A Gold Star

Today, I want to share a thought from my 3rd and 4th grade coordinator Stacey Davis as she encourages us to bring back the gold star! In Kindergarten and preschools across the country, children earn “gold stars.” They receive them for completing various tasks successfully. These tasks include being able to tie your shoes, complete a math problem or say please and thank you. Have you seen a child’s face after they receive a “gold star”? They beam with pride and accomplishment! They know they … [Read more...]