Parenting Seminar: Tough Stuff

Parenting is anything but an easy undertaking. In the broken world that we live in today, our children are being faced with giant, tough stuff as they go to school, participate in extracurricular activities, watch media and simply do life. The issues they face come faster, sooner and harder than generations before. As a church, our desire is to be authentic and real about these tough issues. After talking with families, the top three issues on their hearts as parents are sexuality, depression and bullying.

In this video, Liza Gant, Saddleback Kids Minister, and Larry Hamilton, a well-known Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who specializes in children, teens and families dealing with childhood depression and bullying, come together to teach how to face these three “Tough Stuff” issues from a biblical perspective. May you be strengthened as you struggle and strive to raise God-loving, Christ-centered kids in a tough world.

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