Spiritual Tools To Take Home!

Children are our number one priority and focus.  Of course!  That makes total sense since we are Saddleback Kids, the Children’s Ministry of Saddleback Church.  But at the end of the day we cannot overlook the primary disciplers of the children—parents (or other loving adults).  After all, it is the moms, the dads, the grandparents and more who spend the most teachable time with the children in our ministry.  At most, we get 3 hours a week, if they attend weekend services and are in a Kids Small Groups.  The other 100+ each week are spent at home or in the community with parents, coaches, teachers and more.  And this is what got us thinking we needed to bring a fresh component to Saddleback Kids.  Let us introduce you to our first season of Saddleback Kids Parenting Seminars.

The needs for growth and learning as we parent in this difficult time are evident.  Questions pour in each and every week on a variety of hot topics:  How do I raise my child spiritually in a broken world?  What do I do when my child asks me about Bruce Jenner?  Could you please help me with any tools or resources as our children grieve the loss of their mother?  How on Earth do I monitor social media for my child?  These are just some of the many needs for parenting support.  In the 2015-2016 season of Kids Small Groups, our midweek discipleship program of Saddleback Kids, we are providing a venue to learn, discuss and grow in 6 vital areas affecting the families of our church.  The first of these was “Spiritual Tools to Take Home”.

Please check out this first Parenting Seminar that provided tons of practical, day-to-day ways to bring God into the conversation.  A seminary degree is NOT required.  It is all about being intentional in creating God moments in big and small ways.  Hope this helps give some foundational ideas to bringing spiritual tools into the homes of our families.

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