I’m Sorry, But It Was Funny! 

I am standing in front of the Children’s Ministry Center at Saddleback after one of the Easter services. There were some kids running around the outdoor baptismal pool just about 20 feet away. This is a common scene at Saddleback. We have a waterfall and a small stream close to the baptismal pool and, as you can imagine, kids love to play in and around the water features.

mother and daughterWell, I turned my back to talk to someone and I heard a loud splash. That can only mean one thing…one of those kids fell in the baptismal pool. For whatever reason, I instinctively laughed out loud as I turned around. And what do I see? A pretty little girl all dressed up in her Easter clothes coming out of the water embarrassed and running to her mom and dad. She did not just get her feet wet or part of her body wet, she was all the way in! I know, I know. I should not have laughed out loud. I should have laughed and made fun of her quietly like a good Christian (haha). I was sorry it embarrassed her, but it was still funny that she fell in.

I was reading about Thomas in John 11 when Jesus wanted to go back to Judea to see Lazarus. The disciples said to Jesus “Why are you going back to Judea? Just days ago the Jewish leaders tried to kill you there.” It was Thomas, the one we criticize for being a doubter, that set the tone for the others. Thomas said in John 11:16, “Let’s go, too – and die with Jesus.” Thomas did not have all the information and did not completely understand what Jesus was doing, but he was taking the plunge with Jesus no matter what.

I talk a good bit about being “all in” and “fully engaged.” The bottom line is this: the more engaged you are, the more effective you will be. But sometimes it is hard to be “all in” when we do not know what is ahead. A lack of information can at times immobilize us, but very few times in my life have I had the luxury of having all the necessary information to make a decision or move ahead.

Thomas was “all in” even though he did not have all the information. Even though he has been labeled as the one who lacked faith, this guy was the one disciple who was prepared to “jump in” with Jesus, even if it meant death.

How about you? Are you holding back because you cannot see exactly where the road ends? The scripture says in Ecclesiastes 11:4, we cannot wait on perfect conditions or we will never get anything done. The more engaged you are, the more effective you
will be. Do not wait for all the information and do not wait for perfect conditions…take the plunge, go all in.


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