I Don’t Know How to Pray, No One Ever Taught Me How

SpaceRecently I saw the movie “Gravity” starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. I am a NASA freak so I will see anything connected to NASA or space. However, I was skeptical of “Gravity” after seeing the previews. My initial feeling was to skip this one because in the preview Sandra Bullock’s character cried while in the middle of a mission in space. We all know astronauts don’t cry! Well, my wife and son Matt wanted to see the movie so we went.

While I recognize I am not a movie critic, I have to offer this opinion…the visual effects made the movie. Everything else I thought was lame. Terrible writing and did I mention Bullock’s character cried during the mission! But there was one, and JUST one, powerful moment in the movie. Bullock realizes she is going to die and while talking to herself, and crying, she says…”I don’t know how to pray, no one ever taught me how.”

It grabbed my attention and suddenly I was engaged on a different level. The Lord used this one scene as another reminder of “why we do what we do” in Children’s Ministry. There are so many basic biblical foundations that kids are not being taught. It is so basic that I think we as Children’s Leaders can easily take it for granted.

Question: If Sandra Bullock’s character had come to your church as a child, would she know how to pray?

Let’s make it a priority to never let our kids grow up, go to space and not be able to pray to the very person who loves them most, their heavenly father.

Oh and if any of your kids become astronauts, remind them that astronauts don’t cry during a mission in space. Ha!Ha!


  1. We did a whole series called “Teach Us To Pray” for our kids. It was a six week series that walked through The Lord’s Prayer and taught kids how to connect to God through prayer. We have it available for others. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/1bWEN2E

    Thanks for this post, Steve! I appreciate your ministry!!!

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