PODCAST #20 – Navigate Change

We hope you are having a great week. We just came back from CPC in Orlando and we will chat about a few of the things we learned and experienced while we were at the conference. While there, I spoke with many people who had questions about change—“I want to change and how do I do it?” Navigating change in church and children’s ministry is huge. Many may ask why would you want to fix and change something that is not broken. We will give you some steps in facilitating change in your ministry.

If you would like a free “Faith Case-Armor of God” or two free CPC-San Diego conference registrations given by My Healthy Church, please comment on this blog or email me at steve@morethanpuppets.com and let us know why you would like either one of these items.

Change Curve
CPC San Diego
Fire Bible for Kids  Download the free app for your iPad.
Faith Case-Armor of God


  1. 2 Corinthians 9:15
    I would like the Cpc registrations for my team. I am registered to go but I REALLY wanted to bring my key leaders with me so they can network with other leaders, gather new ideas and just be inspired by being together with other passionate cm leaders. Unfortunately, our nursery pager system died and I need to spend the money on a new pager system, so my team can’t go until next year. Please help me send my team to CPC-San Diego!

  2. I love listening to this podcast every week. Recently children’s ministry was added to my job description at the church and it is good to hear your thoughts.

  3. I’m so thankful that I found your podcast. I’ve been a children’s ministry coordinator for just over a year. Your insights on change were helpful. It’s great to listen to ideas that can be used in any children’s ministry regardless of size or location. Either of your giveaways would be helpful to me in my ministry.

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