PODCAST 19 – The Relationship Between Kid Ministry and Student Ministry in Your Church

How do we close the gap and have a seamless relationship between kid and student ministries? Kurt Johnston joins us as our guest for this episode as we discuss how kid ministry and youth ministry can co-exist in your church. Are you willing to ask the Youth Ministry leader what you can do that will help them succeed?
Make it a priority and strive to partner together to have Kid Ministry and Youth Ministry co-exist in your church. It can be done!


  1. What are some strategic transitions that you use to help successfully move the students from Children’s ministry to Middle School Ministry? Is Kirk or the middle school leaders involved in this process?

    • Polly Pierce says:

      We are having a 5th grade “Youth group 101” this April. We will be introducing our youth and their parents to youth group – how it functions, communication expectations, fundraisers, etc. That way when September rolls around the now 6th graders are “ecstatic” for youth group.

  2. Stephanie Adams says:

    I’m never getting those first 3 minutes back. Football schmootball….blah blah blah:)

  3. Polly Pierce says:

    Something I think is very powerful, is to spend time in your children’s ministry – supporting the kids and the volunteers. I know – it is more time, but it helps SO much!!! I work with our after school care on Wednesdays. I know now all of the volunteers, the kids, AND their parents. Now in 5 years, I am not going to have to work so hard to get kids excited about what I am doing – they have been bought in since they were in kindergarten!

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