PODCAST 17 – Happy New Year!

Can you believe it is already 2013? As you know with the beginning of each new year, many people make new year’s resolutions. In this episode, we talk about a resolution you could make to take your kid ministry to the next level. And that would be the ability to think more. We give you some practical ideas on how you can think more productively and to take time to plan.

You will have the time you make time for so make it for thinking. Hope 2013 is a great year for you and your ministry!

Thinking for a Change by John Maxwell


  1. What happened to Phil? His dry humor was a great balance to Cynthia’s sweetness.
    Thanks for your podcasts. Your topics are meeting our ministry’s needs right when we need extra insight. Maybe in a future podcast you could talk about ways to grow the faith of your staff and volunteers?

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