PODCAST 21 – How to Grow the Faith of Your Staff and Volunteers

In today’s podcast we discuss how we use our yearly ministry theme to help grow our staff and volunteers throughout the year. Your staff and volunteers will remember what you repeat. What are you repeating? Is it your vision, mission or something else? People will remember what is repeated. So start repeating yourself. Resources: How to Become a Christian Die Cuts and Machine Degerm Germ Fighter Spray and Refill 888.235.4569 McMaster-Carr … [Read more...]

25 Lessons in 25 Years – Lesson 2: Submission to Authority is Underrated

Today we continue a series I started several weeks ago called “25 Lessons in 25 Years.” Today's lesson is this…submission to authority is underrated. I know the word “submission” is not a popular word in today’s pop culture and for some people it carries negative connotations. But I know this to be true, submission to authority brings blessing. I have heard some say that there is no clear Biblical support for the principle of submitting to authority. I have also heard some say the … [Read more...]

Did I Sign Up For This? – Part 4

In the last part of this series, Amy Kendall, Saddleback Kids Disabilities Ministry Coordinator, will talk about classroom management when dealing with children who need a little extra help. Having a child in your classroom who has a disability or behavioral issues can be tough to deal with. I am sure you are thinking at times, “I didn’t sign up to do this.” It can be both a blessing and a curse to have children come in all shapes and sizes. Below is a behavior management plan we have in … [Read more...]

PODCAST #20 – Navigate Change

We hope you are having a great week. We just came back from CPC in Orlando and we will chat about a few of the things we learned and experienced while we were at the conference. While there, I spoke with many people who had questions about change—“I want to change and how do I do it?” Navigating change in church and children’s ministry is huge. Many may ask why would you want to fix and change something that is not broken. We will give you some steps in facilitating change in your … [Read more...]

Did I Sign Up For This? – Part 3

In the third installment of this series, Amy Kendall, Saddleback Kids Disabilities Ministry Coordinator, will talk about the things we can do for these kids so they are successful in our classroom settings. It is our desire (and I am sure yours as well) that no child leaves our classrooms not knowing the Good News of Christ so sometimes we need to look at the best ways possible to teach this to children. So now we have figured out what SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) looks like. But what do … [Read more...]

Did I Sign Up For This? – Part 2

In the second part of this series, Amy Kendall, Saddleback Kids Disabilities Ministry Coordinator, discusses each area specifically and how it is present in the children we serve in Children’s Ministry. In the last blog, we talked about SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) children and some of the areas it touches on. More and more often we are seeing kids like this in our ministry and more often than naught people have mislabeled them as either ADD, ADHD or being behavioral kids. This week we … [Read more...]

PODCAST 19 – The Relationship Between Kid Ministry and Student Ministry in Your Church

How do we close the gap and have a seamless relationship between kid and student ministries? Kurt Johnston joins us as our guest for this episode as we discuss how kid ministry and youth ministry can co-exist in your church. Are you willing to ask the Youth Ministry leader what you can do that will help them succeed?   Make it a priority and strive to partner together to have Kid Ministry and Youth Ministry co-exist in your church. It can be done! Simply Youth … [Read more...]

Did I Sign Up For This? – Part 1

Today we begin a new four part series called “Did I Sign Up For This?” Amy Kendall, Saddleback Kids Disabilities Ministry Coordinator, will give us a better understanding on how to work with those who simply need a little extra grace. Kids come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Some kids are just easy to love and some kids are what we call at Saddleback, EGR kids (Extra Grace Required). There is another category of kids that often gets looked at as behavioral kids. When you look at it a … [Read more...]

25 Lessons in 25 Years – Lesson 1: The Unexpressed Thought

Today I am beginning a series called 25 Lessons in 25 Years that I will post on Fridays. Simply put, these are ministry and life lessons I learned the hard way. I am sure your experiences have brought similar learnings, but my hope and prayer in sharing these simple lessons is to give you an “edge” so you can learn new and different things and share your learnings with me. That's life…live and learn! Put 10 people in a room with one topic and you will have 10 different opinions. Which, by the … [Read more...]

PODCAST 18 – Lessons We Learn From the Airlines

What can we glean from the airlines for children’s ministry? Today in this podcast, we highlight that we should develop a flight plan and know where we are going to go for the coming year. What is your dream if money, time and people were not an issue? Where would you like to see your ministry? This is the starting point. We need to start working backwards and take the necessary and intentional steps to make it a reality. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves and Patrick … [Read more...]