PODCAST – Episode 14

Children’s Ministry is more than just kids! It is about the parents, our volunteers and the kids. To have an effective ministry, there should be a balance between them all.

Are you attending a children’s ministry conference in 2013? If not, check out CPC in Orlando, FL and San Diego, CA. Please try to find me at either the Orlando or San Diego conferences as I would like to say hi to you. At any conference you attend this year, when you are asked how many kids you have in your ministry, ask them to share a story about what God is doing in their ministry instead.

What are you doing for Christmas so I can share it with others? If you know, what about Easter? We want to hear from you. Please send a response to steve@morethanpuppets.com.

Point Back:
“10 Mistakes Children’s Ministers Make” By Dale Hudson


  1. Hey Guys, love it! I now feel a real deficit in the number of reptiles in my church! Great thoughts and love the conversation.

  2. haha….Thanks Brent. That should be the question to ask at conferences….”how many reptiles do you have?”

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