Watching Others Do What You Do

This past weekend, the Saddleback Kids team from our San Clemente campus came to the main campus in Lake Forest to observe and connect with other volunteers who do what they do.

We gathered together after the service for dinner and some training with the team. It was very interesting. I had several people say this to me…“I’ve never thought about doing it like that before.”

It is a simple fact, getting out of your regular ministry environment and watching someone else do what you do is incredibly valuable. Seminars and conferences are vital. Reading and research is necessary. But there is something special about watching someone else do what you do in their environment.

Blog Post 12-3Those of us in Children’s Ministry do not get many weekends off and when we do, it is usually connected to vacations with the family. But let me emphasize this point…you need to find time to watch other kid min leaders do what you do.

Of all the growth opportunities I have experienced in my ministry, seeing other ministries in action has been the most effective and profitable.

So here is my recommendation:

  1. Talk to your Sr. Pastor about your commitment to grow and improve your leadership and the ministry you lead.
  2. Propose at least one or two weekends a year as a “Research and Development” weekend. These are NOT vacation weekends. They are 100% work related and I believe they are necessary to get the wheels turning in your head.
  3. Go online and research the churches in your area, then select a church to visit.
  4. Contact the Children’s Director of that church and set up the visit.
  5. Be prepared for your mind to go on overload with ideas for your ministry.

Visiting other churches and watching other kid min leaders do what you do can change your ministry. Try it and if it doesn’t radically impact how you do ministry, I will…say I am sorry…haha.

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