I Wish I Hadn’t Said That

You probably have never done this, but there have been a few occasions where “I wish I hadn’t said that.” It always seems to happen the same way. Here’s the scenario. I’m exhausted from being up late the night before the event or service. The next morning I receive a phone call from the volunteer who I was counting on to either bring a crucial component or be a part of the presentation. Guess what, something came up and they can’t be there. Well that’s just GREAT!

I rush into the church parking lot and arrive in my room only to discover the youth decided to have an unscheduled sleep over in the children’s large group area. So I do what any good children’s pastor would do…I start yelling for them to clean up their stuff and get out…in a Godly way of course.

Kids start showing up and then it happens…a parent starts ripping into me because their little princess didn’t get to do the game the last three weekends in a row. Suddenly like an erupting volcano, I abruptly help the parent understand their obvious lack of prioritization and add in a few extras of my own. Bottom line, “I wish I hadn’t said that.”

I want to share a couple of simple and quick steps I take before any service or event to minimize or eliminate all together the phrase, “I wish I hadn’t said that.”

When I pull into the parking lot and park my car, this is what I do:

  • STOP – Before I get out of the car, I stop and give myself permission to just sit alone in the car for a minute or two.
  • PRAY – In this moment, I surrender any bad attitudes, feelings or thoughts that might create an obstacle between me and the Lord.
  • COMMIT – I recognize that in the next several hours I have a mission and the objectives of that mission cannot be reached if I am distracted or distraught. I commit that time to God and ask for strength to do what I am there to do…minister to people.

That’s it. All that happens inside a minute or two and makes all the difference in the world. Before you go rushing into your ministry day, take one minute to prepare your heart and mind for the mission and ministry objectives of that day.

If you do, you can minimize the “I wish I hadn’t said that” moments.


  1. Pamela Choco says:

    Thanks! Firstly, you made me laugh, at you and myself! (sorry) Secondly, the advice was absolutely right; how many times have I NOT taken the time to pray! I get sooo busy doing, that I don’t spend time in His presence. And, when I do, I re-discover that He REALLY IS very interested in everything about me, and He REALLY IS an ever-present help in times of trouble, and He REALLY IS all that I need! So, thank you!

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