I Have an Agenda

Many parents are intimidated by the fact that the Bible says parents are the primary people responsible for the discipleship of their kids. They think, “I’m not a pastor. I didn’t go to seminary. I’m just a mom or dad.”

Well, I’ve decided to begin a grass roots campaign at my church that will generate some confidence for our parents in becoming the disciplining agent of their kids.

It doesn’t happen all at once. Think like this…Crawl – Walk – Run.

What is a “crawl” step our parents can take? I’m glad you asked. Here it is: Pray a simple and short prayer of blessing over your kids. That’s a great starting point. In fact, I believe that short prayers can be a “game changer.”

Here’s the scene…a parent goes in to say goodnight to their kids. They sit on the bed next to their child and pray something like this, “Jesus, thank you for blessing us with Tyler and Matt. You have given them gifts and talents they have not even discovered yet. We are so glad you choose to give them to us. We pray your blessings on them tonight, in your name. Amen”

That’s it. Short, simple, but POWERFUL.

Here’s what it’s NOT:

  • It’s not a sermon we preach through the prayer.
  • It’s not to support the lecture you gave him earlier about forgetting to take out the trash.
  • It’s not a sneaky way to remind her of something you want her to do later.

It’s a prayer of blessing, period. And it’s the easiest and most powerful “crawl step” I’ve ever tried. I’ve done it for years. Whether my sons are out of the house or I’m out of town away from my wife, I still pray a simple prayer of blessing over each of them as if they were right there with me.

Here’s my big agenda. I want all of our parents praying short prayers of blessing over their kids:

  • Pray over your kids a short and simple prayer of blessing.
  • Remind them God loves them and that you love them as well.
  • Remind them that they are Gods “masterpiece.”
  • Remind them that God has a purpose and plan for their life, one He created just for them.

There’s something special that happens when a mom and dad pray over their children. There’s a special connection that happens. It’s super simple but oh so special.

You Can Do It! Lead the way kid min leaders. Lead the way. As you get a little further down the pathway, you can turn back and say “come with me, you’ll be so glad you did!”

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