PODCAST – Episode 5

Welcome back to the More Than Puppets podcast! Are there times when it feels like you have so much information coming at you than what you feel like you can handle? Join us today as we talk about how we handle the flood of information in our personal and ministry lives. Also, do you ever feel like quitting? Listen for ideas on what we do when we feel that way…and so much more. … [Read more...]

PODCAST 4 – Ways to Engage with the Kids in Your Ministry

Hi Guys, Today we are chatting about “Ways to Engage with the Kids in Your Ministry” and “How We Manage Wearing so Many Different Hats.” These topics are something we deal with on a daily and weekly basis in ministry and I am sure you do too. If you have any ideas, input or strategies on either one of these topics, please send them to me at steve@morethanpuppets.com. We’d love to hear about them and share them with others. … [Read more...]

GUEST POST – Are They Getting It?

Preparation for the weekend is quite a process. You think of fun games, really dig into the message, pray over it and then bring it on the weekend. But once the lesson is over, you wonder: did the children get it? Did the children truly understand the truth of the message? Did the children not just hear knowledge, but did they receive the power of the gospel? Do they know that the message of the gospel will impact their life? I have battled with these questions over and over many times. … [Read more...]

Podcast 3 – How to Intentionally Use Events that Draw Kids to Your Church

We have a special guest, Randy Isola from Chicago, IL, with us as we discuss how to intentionally use events to bring kids onto our campus. Think about how you plan an event. Do you strategically plan and approach an event in how it can lead to the next one? Are they a one-off event? Are they balanced in how they can move a child in their spiritual maturity? Are you going after the kid, but also highlighting the parent’s experience and gaining a new leader in the process? Today we talk about … [Read more...]

“Mister, neither would I.”

Hey guys, Someone sent this to me and I thought it might encourage you today. One day while Mother Theresa was changing the dressing on a man's wound, another man watching said, "I wouldn’t do your job for all the money in the world." She replied, "Mister, neither would I." During this Labor Day season ask yourself, "Why do I do what I do?" Many people are trying to pursue other jobs, but perhaps all they need is to change the reason or remind themselves why they are performing their … [Read more...]

PODCAST 2 – Yup, we’re back!!!

Welcome to another one of our podcasts. We have given our lives to Children’s Ministry just like you and would like to share things we have experienced and things we have heard from you. In this podcast, we will talk about “Keeping Your Ministry in Front of Your Senior Pastor” and also “Trends in Children’s Ministry.” We would love to hear from you so please email us at steve@morethanpuppets.com. … [Read more...]

The Things We Do To Get By

The really smart people call it “coping mechanisms.” I like to simply call it things we do to get by. Think about it. Has something come up at work or at home and at the moment it was just too much to handle? You already have so much on your mind and whether you say it out loud or not, in your mind you scream “WHATEVER.” Or another response we use is “IT’S NOT MY PROBLEM.” Then there is the classic “IT’S NOT MY JOB” (which is close to the unpardonable sin on my team). At times we do employ … [Read more...]