Sector 5 – Day 5: Purpose

Hey guys, here is the final teaching outline and video testimony for our summer event called Sector 5. There were so many components to this event, but I thought you might like to see the teaching material. I can share some of the games and other stuff later on. Hope you find this helpful.

Key Verse:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10 (NIV)

Day 5:

Key Dimension – Purpose

Truth – I was created for a Purpose, to serve the master.

The enemy is trying to steal my Purpose.

Bible Story – Joseph

Application –

Joseph had every reason to give up. Things keep going the wrong way. But he didn’t give up. He knew that God had a purpose for his life. Joseph knew that God was in control even if it looked like everything was out of control. God had a very special plan for Joseph. And you know what, God has a very special plan for you. We may not know exactly what that plan is right now, but just like Joseph, if we trust God and follow His word, God will show us the plan and purpose He designed especially for us. Each one of us have been designed for something special. God told us that even before we were born He designed a purpose for each of us. It may take us a while to understand exactly what that purpose is, but we all share one purpose…to know and serve Christ.  As we serve Christ, He will help us understand, just like Joseph, what our purpose is here on earth.

Each day the drama began and ended with a “video log” by one of the characters.

Video log 5:

I may be young and small, but I’m still a soldier. I discovered today that there are things that I do that no one else can do. I have a place in the battle. That makes me feel a little taller, a little tougher. I am here for a reason and I do have a purpose. The Flatlander may say that this life is not worth fighting for or that I’m just an accident. I know better than that. I’ve been a part of this fight long enough to know there are no accidents in the Master’s army and I was created to do more than just sit around and watch the Flatlander take what does not belong to him. Well, as long as this battle between the lines exist, I will fight. I will know I’m not alone and that the Master is to be trusted no matter what. He created me just the way I am and I will not give up. I will serve my Master and I will serve him well…as long as it takes. Be warned Flatlander, I am here…and you will not steal, kill or destroy what the Master has for me. I’m going to get REAL and you will know that I’m here.

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