Saddleback Summer Event – Sector 5: The Back-story

Our Summer event this year was called Sector 5. The teaching is based from John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (NIV)

There are dimensions that God provided for our kids lives that the enemy is trying to steal. Dimensions like…Security, Faith, Self Worth, Hope and Purpose. So we addressed each of these dimensions and communicated to the kids that God intends for them to have these functioning in their lives. These dimensions contribute to the “full life” that our heavenly father designed for each of us.

Each day at Sector 5, the kids came into our worship center for a time of worship and celebration and to experience a really cool drama that connected with the teaching for each day.

Our objective was this…use the drama as a “hook.” Get the kids interested and end the drama each day with a “cliff hanger.” That way the kids want to come back and see what happens next.

Here is the back-story on the drama:

The world is divided up into Sectors. Each Sector is beautiful and unique in its own way. This is how the Master Creator designed our world. He has blessed it in many ways and intended for his creation to live in peace and harmony with him and each other.

But evil surfaced in our world. This evil seeks to destroy what the Creator has established. But the Sectors of this world belongs to the Creator. Even though the evil one has found a way to enter the Sectors and deceive the people in those Sectors, we are told by the ancient log, that the Creator himself is active in all Sectors.

But the evil one has sent an agent of deception in the world. His name is Kleptes. His goal is to steal the dimensions of reality that the Creator intended for the inhabitants of the Sectors.

Kleptes has managed to establish a false reality called Sector 5 in which he holds unknowing and unsuspecting individuals prisoners in a digital prison that looks like the real world but in fact is all a deception.

One young man, having no idea that he was a prisoner in this false world, finds some lost video files. These lost files contain the “Words of the Master.” These files cause him to think that maybe things are not as they seem. Maybe, there is another world outside Sector 5. Maybe, some of the old stories are true.

Now he must find out for himself. So he sets out to discover for himself the truth of Sector 5. Is it real or not?

This young warrior, doing his best to fight bravely a war he can’t see with his eyes, records a video log each day. As he reads and hears the words of the Master, he gains the comfort and strength to keep fighting and looking for the truth of Sector 5.

I’ll break down the daily teaching segments in another post…if you are interested.


  1. I think we have the most creative team ever! What an incredible blessing!

  2. Interested!

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