Saddleback Kids Summer Event – “Sector 5”

At this point in the summer, most of us are done with the big week-long summer event. You know, that event that can’t seem to shake the title…VBS. I’m not a fan of that term VBS, but no matter what I call our event it always seems to go back to…”it’s kind of our version of a VBS.”

Three years ago we transitioned away from the Monday through Friday format to a series of evening events throughout the months of July and August. This year we went back to the Monday through Friday format to create some momentum with our families.

We called our event “Sector 5.” It was a big team competition that included games, large group teaching, huddle times, missions opportunity, an awesome daily drama and, of course, food.

Check out the video clips below. In the next several posts, I’ll give some more detail on our event Sector 5. Hopefully you can find an idea or two.


  1. I had to chuckle at your comment Steve. We too have been trying for years to ditch “VBS”. But it is not willing to lie down and die. A tenacious name that is synonymous with kids summer programs. Oh well

    Thanks for the pictures

  2. RIP VBS 🙂

    Love your work Steve, thanks for posting these videos, you are a champ!!!

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