A Strategy for Easter—Part 2

Yes, this is Pastor Steve (in character) doing his part to help get ready for Easter.

Today we’ll continue exploring Easter in part 2 of “A Strategy for Easter.”  My second thought is:

Focus on the “Experience”

The focal point of the Easter service has to be the message of Christ’s sacrifice and His ascension. But for the guests walking onto your church property, they are noticing the little things. Like the church grounds, the bathrooms, the smell of the hallways and the ratty plastic plant in the corner that has not been dusted since the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album.

Maybe you don’t have control over these things, but I would challenge you to think about what you do control. For example:

  • What is the condition of your children’s church room?
  • Does the look and feel of the room say “we’ve been expecting you” or does it say “it has been a busy week, deal with it.”
  • Are the classrooms clean?
  • Are all the supplies there?
  • Does your box of 64 Crayola’s have only 6 crayons and all of them are broken?
  • What kind of environment are the kids walking in to?
  • Is there music playing?
  • Is there a feeling of “fun” in the room?

Just a few things to get you thinking. The big picture thought here is this…it comes down to the experience. Be intentional about the “experience” your guests have when they come to your church this Easter. Let your environment, words and actions say with harmony that “we’re glad you are here.”

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