That One Family

Every church has ”that one family.” You know the ones I’m talking about. They are the first ones to complain about the music being too loud and they are the ones who send your Sr. Pastor those “we don’t want to cause trouble but just thought you should know” letters. They are the ones who CONSISTENTLY show up an hour late to pick up their child after an all night lock in. (Which by the way, tests my Christian faith like nothing else). They are the ones who constantly ask you to make exceptions for their kids because their kids are “advanced” when in reality their kids eat the play dough like every other kid. Yep, every church has “that one family.”

It’s true. They take as much out of you as 10 other families, but they show up at every service and every event. You see them coming and instantly feel guilty for wishing they could be sick just this one weekend. Don’t tell me you have never had that thought…I can’t be the only one.

On the other hand, the “loveable” families are a joy to minister to. They like what we do, they like us as individuals, they are supportive and they energize us. Not so much with “that one family.” I don’t think it’s necessary to build an in-depth biblical basis for loving the difficult people in our churches. I just simply want to remind us that even as annoying as these people can be, the truth is, we need them.


  • Because they remind us that our church should not be for the “loveable” only.
  • Because “that one family” is the one who will help us grow as Christ followers as we flex our patience muscles.
  • Because as Shepherds, we don’t just protect the sheep that follow our every command, we protect the wanderers, the sick and the not so clean.

They really do require more effort and energy, but that’s why we are here. To love the “loveable” and “that one family.”

If you are struggling with “that one family” in your church just remember, the God who calls is the God who empowers.

If you are “that one family,” then stop…jk.

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