GUEST POST – Full Circle Ministry

As our pastor would say, my husband and I are “doing our part for church growth.”  With soon-to-be two little ones, we are blessed with what I call “Full Circle Ministry.”  Let me explain. My ministry has come full circle as far as life stages.  I hope in sharing a snapshot of my ministry testimony it is a source of encouragement as you are reminded of the value of what you do in children’s ministry.

I began serving in children’s ministry as an over-involved high-schooler.  Goes to show you that all the hours you spend recruiting potential volunteers, yes even seeming over-involved or flaky teenagers, can be fruitful.  After all, God can and will use people wherever they are at.  That is my start, thanks to the children’s ministry excitement and energy presented during a high school service ministry fair.

As I prepared to go to college (about 75 miles away), it seemed natural that my serving would still continue.  Sure I could not be there every weekend BUT I could stay committed to monthly service and special events like Vacation Bible School or summer camp.  I was not just simply a die-hard, devoted children’s ministry volunteer overnight.  This commitment was instilled in me through deep, mentoring relationships with my co-leaders, notes of encouragement from the staff and love and prayers from my church family.

And God’s tugging became stronger as He called me in a different direction during graduate school.  Once again the persistent prayers, praises and promptings from children’s ministry staff members and volunteers influenced my ultimate decision to leave a doctorate program to pursue full-time ministry.  Leaders, like you, saw potential in me that I never imagined.  They believed that the high schooler who loved hanging out with 1st graders could have a kingdom impact somehow, someway as a young 20-something leader.

Fast-forward to today, 7 years of full-time children’s ministry later.  The overachieving, full-time student has transformed into an overachieving (some things just don’t change) full-time wife, mom and ministry leader.  This is where things come full circle: my hope and prayer is that someone invests in each of my children in the same way I was invested in.  I pray that someone reaches out to them to mentor, love on and encourage them in whatever they are called to do.  That is where you come in.  Know that what you do for the children in your ministry matters.  And take it from me, a direct product of it, the relationships, time, investment and love with your volunteers can make a major kingdom difference for generations to come.

Liza Gant is the Kids Small Groups Coordinator at Saddleback Kids

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