Why I Love Saddleback’s Student Ministries

Saddleback Student Ministries

I could talk about the extreme games, relevant services, great worship, etc., but those aren’t the reasons I love our student ministries at Saddleback Church. The reason I love those guys is they understand the concept of “Big Picture” ministry.

Here’s what I mean. Some people might view success as an entity at the top of a ladder and anyone in the way is a mere step to tread on as they pursue the top. Nope, not these guys. They want Saddleback Kids to succeed for the sake and the development of the kids in our church.

When we need help, these guys are there and it’s not out of a sense of obligation. It’s a spirit of teamwork and Kingdom mindedness. Also, both the Jr. High and Sr. High ministries know the importance of helping the students find a place to serve in the church and they intentionally encourage students to serve in Children’s Ministry.

Now, you may be thinking…”well of course you love them, they send you student volunteers.” And you are right, but there is something bigger here. Our student ministries see the big picture. They want both the student and Saddleback Kids to succeed and they show this by consistently going the extra mile to invest in our ministry.

This may be frustrating to you if this is not the scenario in your church culture, but before you check out with the thought of “that will never be the case at my church,” let me challenge you to change the culture with a few simple steps.

1. Stop assuming your youth pastor doesn’t care about anything besides Call of Duty, sports and music no one can understand.
2. Bridge the gap by inviting your youth pastor to lunch and simply let them tell you about what’s on their heart and mind.
3. Find a way to show them you are interested in their success by helping with an event, service, etc., with no strings attached.

If you want to HAVE a friend, first you must BE a friend.

Thanks Kurt, Josh, Katie and all of Saddleback Student Ministry for being great partners in ministry.

Regardless of what that relationship looks like today, you CAN change it.

Start today.


  1. Serious nuggets…. thanks for the food for thought! Our teams are incredible!

  2. Hey,
    How come I’m not in the picture, but my daughter is? She’s the super cute one on the far left, by the way.

    Thanks for the kind words, Steve. Having such a great relationship with our Kids Min team is a wonderful blessing!

  3. trev mahoney says:

    As always you demonstrate what it is to play like a team. Good word.

  4. That is a classic student leaders pic… it has all the elements. Someone making a weird face, a guy posing on the ground, a nice “bottle mustache” being shown off, and a couple people acting like they don’t know the rest of this group!

    Thanks for the post. Good encouragement for us in Student Ministry to be intentional about serving other ministries in our church fam.

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