Was your church fun today?

It’s interesting to me how a child can say the most simple thing, yet, it has such a profound impact. Between services at church last week, I passed by a little 3 or 4-year girl holding hands with her grandpa. As I walked by, the little girl looked up at her grandpa and said “Grandpa, did you have fun in your church today?”  What a scene. An adorable little girl, talking so sweetly to her grandpa and visibly excited about her time at church. But the thing that stood out to me was this….that little 3 year old understood that she belongs to a church…and it was fun!

She wanted to know if her grandpa had as much fun as she did in HER church.

I love her childlike understanding of the fact that SHE has a church.

This brings up an interesting conversation about “church for kids.”

Should we create a “separate” church experience for kids or should they worship with their parents?

This is not a new question but has resurfaced strongly with the new emphasis on family ministry.  I like the variety we see in churches today. We have churches that provide a combined worship service for kids and adults, some that offer specialized age specific worship experiences and some that offer a hybrid of the two. Either way, I think its cool that we have options.

I’ll just tell ya…I like the fact that my church provides relevant worship opportunites just for kids.

However, I have said many times, the way we do church is “A” way, not “THE” way. The way you do church should reflect the objectives of your leader and the culture of your community. I don’t believe there is a prescribed cookie cutter methodology that works in every community.

So find what works and do it. Either way, I love the idea that 3 year olds know they have a church that’s just for them and it’s fun. How about yours? Was your church fun today?


  1. Great thoughts Steve. I love how that girl asked her grandpa the same questions I bet lots of adults ask her about church each week. I think there’s something to the idea that adults, not just kids and students, should be having fun at church too.

    Excited you’re starting to blog and podcast. I just subscribed and am looking forward to more.

  2. Derek Faulkner says:

    Steve – thanks for sharing with the “kidz” at Renewed Life Ministries…..I know it has been awhile since you were here but, I remember the word you shared that night – child-like or child-ish – big difference. Thanks again for being a part of RLMO!

  3. The question of ‘should kids worship with their parents, or have their own program’ is one that seems to always sit at the back of my head; its also one that I have never been able to come to a conclusion on. Having read your article I am beginning to think that maybe its not about ‘one or’, but rather ‘both and’. I am a passionate believer in providing a space where many generations can worship together, but also in allowing each generation find its own expression and place they can call home. I guess the challenge is finding the balance between the two that best fits your cultural context… always a challenge, but anything worth getting is always a challenge eh?

  4. Bobbi Wheeler says:

    We have our kids go into church with there parents every once in awhile. The kids have mixed feelings about it. Some would rather stay in Kids church and try to get us not to go. It is pretty cute. We have to convince them that it is only for the worship time and we will get to come back here for lesson and then they are ok. They do not want to miss the puppets and the story time. I gues that means they like it. (Yea). But on Easter and Christmas Eve we close children’s church and families worship together on those Holidays. It works…

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