What is driving you today? Is it hope or despair? Our hope comes from God so let hope drive your faith. … [Read more...]

It is Not Just an Ordinary Day


It is not just an ordinary day. Today, what you do will make a difference. Everything, big and small, noticed or unnoticed, will contribute to the mission. It will make a difference. Every high five, every hug, every table cleaned, every chair pulled out of a trailer, every tablecloth folded, every lesson planned and every lesson taught. The games we play, the cards we print, the props we gather, the corners we sit in trying to write a lesson, the conflicts we settle, the calls we make, the … [Read more...]

Discovering Our Destiny – Compromise

Roller Coaster

Join Pastor Steve as he shares about compromise... … [Read more...]



Join Pastor Steve as we continue our Journey and discover our Destiny.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpmTeN9CDlE   … [Read more...]



How do you weather life's storms?  Join Pastor Steve Adams for this month's Journey in discovering our destiny.   … [Read more...]

And the Oscar goes to…..


If you were one of the millions of people watching television on the evening of February 22 (last night), you were probably watching the Oscars, otherwise known as the Academy Awards. This is the annual American awards ceremony that honors cinematic achievements in the film industry and parades a “who’s who” list of presenters across the stage to present a small statuette named “Oscar” to those deemed worthy of the prestigious award. I am not an actor, but when I think back to some of my … [Read more...]


The Journey

Take the opportunity to check out this month’s leader encouragement video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbdiBheWAHc … [Read more...]

Hidden in Plain Sight

I went on a hike the other day. It was a familiar trial that I have hiked before. From time to time you can see deer in certain spots along the trail. I stopped at one of those spots and looked around, but I did not see any deer. I decided to sit down in this little area off the trail and just be still. All of a sudden, I could see several deer through the trees. They were motionless just as I was now. Then it hit me. The deer had been there the entire time, but the combination of their … [Read more...]

Brave – Saddleback Kids

Here is a quick video from Saddleback's new Worship CD - Brave. It's a collection of 10 songs written and produced for kids to sing and parents to enjoy too! Nine of the 10 songs are original songs written by the Saddleback Worship staff for this project. The Worship staff, along with Saddleback Kids and InResponse Music put a lot of love and energy into this project. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/brave/id909373079 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUD8f2jwZDU   … [Read more...]

I’m Sorry, But It Was Funny! 

mother and daughter

I am standing in front of the Children’s Ministry Center at Saddleback after one of the Easter services. There were some kids running around the outdoor baptismal pool just about 20 feet away. This is a common scene at Saddleback. We have a waterfall and a small stream close to the baptismal pool and, as you can imagine, kids love to play in and around the water features. Well, I turned my back to talk to someone and I heard a loud splash. That can only mean one thing…one of those kids fell … [Read more...]


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